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Puppet Studio designs, builds and performs all kinds of puppets for film, TV, commercials, cruise lines, music videos, YouTube and other broadband platforms. Check out our 2 Minute Demo Reel!

Our credits include The Muppets, Playtone, Men in Black, Child’s Play III (Chucky), Mighty Joe Young, Sid and Marty Krofft (Emmy nomination), Shake it Up and Meet the Fockers along with designing toys for Mattel and working with Jack Kirby at Marvel Comics.

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Puppet design, building and performance is an ancient and interesting art with practical applications.   At festivals, you’ll see all kinds of materials and figures used, from Greek and Balinese Shadow Paper to the giant horse used in War Horse. There are even college degrees you can get in the fine art of building and puppeteering, as well as local schools like The Puppet School,  which started by understanding that actors and others want and need to exercise their creativity and imagination. And of course this field gives you a great opportunity to do that. Believe it or not, this school offers adult courses in Television applications, Theater use as well as how to build your own, as well a children’s classes that cover both building and performing.

For more articles and information about this field, you can check out our blog. Here’s an excerpt:

Devices that emit light or radio signals are attached to strategic points on the actor’s body. The performer’s movements are matched correspondingly to body parts on the computer puppet. An intricate style of manipulation, any exaggerated movement makes the computer puppet move in unrealistic ways. Arms may pass through the body. As with a marionette, this is a very exacting way to perform a puppet.

When a bunraku-syle puppet is similarly recorded, the puppet is referred to as a”digital monkey.”

Example: A real push for motion capture use was made in the late 1990’s. Although it is helpful on some special effects, especially dangerous stunts, motion-capture technology has not yet transferred well to character animation. Columbia Picture’s mega-budget “Final Fantasy” used motion capture in sequences.