Greg Williams

Greg Williams, Puppeteer and Author

Greg’s credits include the Muppets, Playtone, Men in Black and Men in Black II, Child’s Play III,  Sid and Marty Krofft,  Pee-wee’s Playhouse, Shake It Up, Beakman’s World, Meet the Fockers, and the Riders in the Sky series for CBS in addition to designing toys for Mattel.

Gregory Paul Williams, The Puppet Studio

Greg Williams, Principal, puppeteer, author

Greg began his entertainment career at the age of 14 working at the Bob Baker Marionette Theater. He graduated from the UCLA Film School and produced and directed a number of educational films. As a writer, he developed stories for Jim Henson featuring the Muppets for Henson Press. Greg is the author of The Story of Hollywood, an award-winning pictorial history of the town. The Story of Hollywood is available at

Story of Hollywood

The Story of Hollywood: An Illustrated History, by Greg Williams

Greg Williams was born under the Hollywood Sign and has spent his life in the Beechwood Canyon section of Hollywood. It’s a natural that he’d become both a Hollywood performer as well as a Hollywood historian and Hollywood preservationist. His speaking engagements include historical slide shows of Hollywood as well as Hollywoodland, and he’s a crowd favorite.

Over the years he has purchased numerous collections of Hollywood photos and it was preservation of these photos as well as the historic neighborhoods of Hollywood which led him to write The Story of Hollywood:  An Illustrated History.  The book has won several awards, including  a Silver Medal for Best Non-Fiction book in the Pacific Western region category at the 11th Annual Independent Publishers Book Awards in Spring 2007 and a National Best Book Award 2007 for Film/TV/Radio.

Greg is also the author of The Story of Hollywoodland, which takes the neighborhood below the Hollywood sign (former the Hollywoodland sign…after the “land” fell down, the rest of the sign remained, soon becoming the iconic monument which it is today) from vacant land to thriving neighborhood and development.  The neighborhood represents some of the very first building in the Los Angeles area which included homes built into the sides of the mountain.  Much of this historic neighborhood remains intact today, including the charming Beechwood Market, Beechwood Cafe and de facto town square.