Steve Sherman

Steve Sherman, Puppeteer

Steve has been a puppeteer and puppet designer and builder since he was 7 years old. It became his profession at age 20. His credits include the Muppets, Playtone, Men in Black and Men in Black II, Mighty Joe Young, Sid and Marty Krofft’s DC Follies (for which he garnered an Emmy nomination), Pee-wee’s Playhouse, Shake It Up, Beakman’s World, Meet the Fockers, and the Riders in the Sky series for CBS, among others.

Steve has a near encyclopedic knowledge of puppets and the history of puppets on television and in film. Whether it’s Time for Beanie, George Pal’s Puppetoons or Soupy Sales, Steve is the master of puppet history in the media.

Steve Sherman, Puppeteer, The Puppet Studio

Steve Sherman with snake puppet jacket

Steve got his start working as legendary comic book artist Jack Kirby’s assistant. While with Jack at DC Comics, Steve wrote a number of stories for DC, including co-creating the character Kobra. With Kirby, he created and wrote two screenplays, Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers and Silver Star, both of which became comic book series. He attended the very first Comic Convention in the basement of the Grant Hotel in San Diego….the same event which has become a world-wide news-maker and now counts attendance at 150,000.   Steve and the other Marvelmania staff are credited with encouraging Jack Kirby to attend the Comic Con, and Jack was the first artist to participate in the Comic Convention, starting a long tradition of artist participation which has grown to include creators, characters, brands, actors, casts of favorite movies and shows, and perhaps the most important place for science fiction and comic-related movies and TV shows to debut and launch new projects.

Steve is a life long resident of Los Angeles and a graduate of Venice High School.

Steve Sherman and Jack Kirby

Jack Kirby and Steve Sherman