Puppet Studio Credits

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Puppet Studio Credits:  8 foot bear for Chase Bank

Puppet Studio Credits: 8 foot bear for Chase Bank

Puppet Studio credits are varied.  The Puppet Studio was formed in 1984 after Greg Williams and Steve Sherman worked together at Sid and Marty Krofft’s shop and production company.

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A note about the Krofft’s auditions:  To audition to be a puppeteer, you had to sing and dance.  For readers who’ve met Steve Sherman, both of these might seem like a stretch.  Just by chance, his high school friend’s father is Wally Holmes, who wrote “Rock the Boat” for the Hughes Corporation.  Steve called Wally up, concerned about singing and dancing as he did neither, and asked Wally to coach him.  Wally taught him to sing “Yesterday” (or was it “Hey Jude?”) passably, and to do a few dance moves.  It was enough for Steve to pass his audition and get hired by the Kroffts, a friendship and professional relationship which endures to this day.

Of course, now it’s impossible to hear “Rock the Boat” without thinking about Steve singing and dancing.

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