YouTube and Broadband

The Puppet Studio designs, creates and builds puppets for YouTube and Broadband entrepreneurs.  Check out the Puppet Studio YouTube Channel!  We have several demo reels as well as examples from our past projects, like Men in Black and MIB II, Pee-wee’s Playhouse and numerous commercials. How awesome are the ABC’s Weekend Specials?

Our puppets taught kids about Abraham Lincoln. ABC Weekend Specials also taught kids the value of reading with Captain OG Readmore, who we designed, built and performed.  And here are some behind the scenes takes from Escape from Witch Mountain.

We have samples of our original programming, too, like our series, Professor Crunch and the Daffies,

Keys the Dog and Land of Pleasant Dreams.

And check out some recent projects for others’ web series, like Baby Prodigy‘s Shoe Box Theater, Language Class, Mo Gans-Pomeranz’s Wild Animal Safari

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