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Puppet Demo Reel

Puppet Studio Demo Reel: Films and Television


Visit the Puppet Studio YouTube channel for more examples of our work. You’ll see more than one puppet demo reel….we’ve done quite a few projects over the years.

You’ve seen our work in Mighty Joe Young (Disney), Child’s Play III (Chucky), Men in Black and Men in Black II and even Muppets 3D at Disneyland on the Muppets ride.  We’ve also designed, built and created puppets for independent and short features.

Need a creature or a prop for a movie?  Need a talking dog or flying elephant?  We can design and build it as well as perform it. Puppet Studio is dedicated to on-time delivery of your idea.  Check out our puppet demo reel, and feel free to give us a call.

Check out our puppet demo reels and you can see the breadth of our work….because we’ve been in business since the Silent Era (just kidding) we’ve tackled every sort of project.  And, we’ve learned from the best, like Academy Award Winner Rick Baker and Bob Baker.

Although some of the horror and creature work is now done with CGI, puppets often look better and more realistic than CGI images because…..they’re real.  They cast natural shadows and actors can interact with them because they’re actually on set rather than inserted later.  They can also be much more cost-effective not only because they’re less expensive (generally) than CGI but because if you don’t like the way a shot looks, or the puppet isn’t quite the way you wanted it, it can easily and quickly be changed.   If you don’t like the way your CGI turned out, you won’t know until months later, in post-production, and then it’s expensive to change.  It may also be impossible to get your actors back to re-shoot scenes or loop dialogue.

Puppet Studio’s Greg Williams worked on the Bob Baker Marionettes team which built and puppeteered the alien from Close Encounters as well as Escape from Witch Mountain.  Those were two of the first blockbuster films for the Puppet Studio.

puppet demo reel

puppet demo reel